The University of Melbourne Hub

The Faculty of Arts at The University of Melbourne is delighted to once again host an international hub of the UK’s Being Human Festival.

In a world of uncertainties, with constantly shifting realities and perspectives, how do we find inspiration, explanation, and meaning? This year’s festival theme, ‘rhyme or reason’, will explore the ways in which intuition and evidence interact. Sometimes the most visionary work comes from two sides of the same coin working together in unison.

See Bell Shakespeare actors breathe new life into an old play or solve the Trolley Problem at an interactive performance full of ethical dilemmas. Face your own mortality on the Melbourne walking tour or go behind the scenes at NGV to learn why classic fashion never dies. Brush up on your ‘kinky history’, solve crimes using French, celebrate Australian creativity, and explore so much more – find your rhyme and reason at this year’s Being Human Festival!

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