Festival evaluations

Here at Being Human Festival we think evaluation is an important part of the process. That’s why we employ an external company each year to evaluate the festival. They visit events up and down the country and analyse data collected from audience, organiser and stakeholder feedback forms.

Our evaluation reports give a statistical overview of each festival and provide qualitative data on what event attendees and organisers thought about Being Human. Please see below for these annual reports which show how the festival has grown since it began in 2014.

Being Human 2020 Evaluation Report PDF 16.07 MB
Being Human 2019 Evaluation Report PDF 1.08 MB
Being Human 2018 Evaluation Report PDF 1.24 MB
Being Human 2017 Evaluation Report PDF 1.26 MB
Being Human 2016 Evaluation Report PDF 3.11 MB
Being Human 2015 Evaluation Report PDF 1.22 MB
Being Human 2014 Evaluation Report PDF 1.89 MB