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We are thrilled to have the support of six distinguished patrons. Find out more about them below.

Being Human Festival Patrons

The patrons join us on our mission to celebrate the humanities, and to ensure that research in subjects including history, philosophy, literature, languages, art history, classics and archaeology is accessible, open to, and shared with everyone. We share the belief that the humanities help us to understand what it means to be human – they provide tools for communication and debate, means through which to articulate and interrogate complex ideas and ways of understanding our past and anticipating our futures. We need the humanities now more than ever to help us address these issues and provide the means to question, interpret and explain the human condition. Find out more about our patrons below.


Bonnie Greer

Bonnie Greer is an American-British playwright, novelist, critic and broadcaster.

Toby Mundy

Toby Mundy is director of creative management company and literary agency Toby Mundy Associates and executive director of the Baillie Gifford Prize.