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‘Act Your Age!’ is a drop-in, interactive, family workshop for primary school-age children and their adults. Have you ever been told to ‘act your age’? And what exactly does that mean? How do you act like a five-year-old, a thirty-year-old or an eighty-year-old? What happens if we swap, and the children start acting like the grown-ups and the grown-ups like children?

Ideas about the roles of childhood and adulthood, especially in relation to work and play, have changed a lot throughout history and have often been explored through theatre and performance and in children’s books. Through fun, multimedia displays, hands-on creative and puzzle activities, role-playing and dress-up (and the opportunity to write and perform your own mini-plays!) you can learn about professional child actors throughout history, explore the boundaries between work and play, and discover theatres, performance and ‘playing’ in children’s books.