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Does your physical appearance affect your daily life? Do you make assumptions about others based on how they look? What should we, as a society, do about this, if anything?

This online café will explore the issue of appearance discrimination and asks what you – a parliament for the people, by the people – would do about it if you could. During the session, you will be given the chance individually to complete an online 'Implicit Attitudes Test' to measure appearance bias (you won't be asked to share your test results). A series of votes will then be held on whether, and how, different types of appearance discrimination should be addressed. No knowledge of the law is needed – just a willingness to take part.

Those who want to comment will be able to do so in writing or verbally. Cameras can be on or off, to accommodate all preferences, but presenter cameras will be on. You will be given a chance to speak during the voting session, but this is optional. 

Please be respectful to the sensitivities and views of others. There will be a brief comfort break during the session

This event is open to everyone aged 18+.