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, 10:00:00 - 16:00:00 Add to calendar

Drop-in workshops for adults and children, for novice or experienced artists! You're invited to create artistic representations conveying your place in the city and how your sense of identity and belonging is formed by cultural experiences - at home, at cultural venues, or in the wider community.

Working collaboratively, the group will create a series of vibrant and celebratory mixed media banners informed by group discussions about what it means to belong, and how migration relates to Nottingham. Use words and images to explore our shared human experiences as well as the cultural identities which make us unique.

The resulting art pieces will reflect the ambitions of people to shape and live in a society of belonging. The workshops build on Professor Jo McIntyre’s (University of Nottingham) previous research which explored how arts and culture can help young migrants build a place with others in their new city. All are welcome!