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Meet the UN/REAL bot and test its humanity. The designer Kota Nezu will present his LOVOT robot and talk through the current state of artificial friend design and research – where does he think we’ll be in ten years time?

The UN/REAL team including Professor Alex Goody (Oxford Brookes) and Jerrine Tan (City University Hong Kong) will discuss Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun and its lessons for our relationship with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the ongoing development of artificial friends.

How should we think about our interactions with robots or chatbots - can a friendship blossom between humans and technology when they intensively converse with one another? By taking a close look at Ishiguro’s Klara, the event will look at the benefits and issues of conversational (chat)bots for wellbeing purposes, but will also ask how sincere humans will be in becoming companions of our artificial friends. 

This will be an in-person event in Japan (19.00-20.30 Japan Standard Time), and streamed online (10.00-11.30 UK Time). The event will be in English language. Attendees do not need to have read Klara and the Sun to attend.