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Explore this spectacular word-and-image exhibition which celebrates the lives and works of influential or unjustly forgotten female authors from 1600 to the present. Far from being a male-dominated genre, modern science fiction has been built by pioneering women who have not only broken the proverbial 'glass ceiling' but reached through it for the stars.

The exhibition will include interactive elements and opportunities for personal contribution. It will explore authors such as Margaret Cavendish, Mary Shelley, Margaret Atwood, Katherine Burdekin, Marge Piercy, Alice Sheldon, Mary Bradley Lane, and Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett, among others.

The exhibition has been curated by Rachel Harrison and Keith Williams, in association with Michael Kirkham and students in University of Dundee's art college.

This event is a drop-in and booking is not required.

This event is part of the University of Dundee's Festival Hub.