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This is a panel discussion and Q&A on chronic illness and disability in the performance and visual arts.

In collaboration with Glasgow-based performance artist Claricia Parinussa, the discussion will explore how race and queer genders and sexualities impact and shape the experience of chronic illness and disability. The panel features artists, activists and academics and focuses on visual performance and arts, as well as on the possibilities for conveying and reimagining representations and experiences of illness and disability. It may include personal reflections on illness and disability, a discussion of the role of art in health contexts, and critical approaches to the body, care and collectives. The panel will begin with a discussion of 'Hologram', a new performance by Claricia Parinussa which is available to view throughout the festival.

This event emerges from a medical humanities project by Dr Donna McCormack (Strathclyde) and Dr Ingrid Young (Edinburgh) on chronic illness and arts-based methods.

Image copyright: Donna McCormack