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This day of fun workshops moves from rhyme to reason via low tech rock painting and pen and paper, to high tech artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Participants will create their own personal myth exploring Cornish identity, place, and history through a variety of creative practices. Using traditional Cornish myths and legends, participants will place themselves within those stories to forge new personal narratives. Make yourself the hero of your own personal Cornish myth!

This event will include:

  • A short talk on Cornish myths and legends.
  • A series of workshops including: collages of the Cornish landscape using local materials for families; a writing workshop for children; flash fiction – Identity, myth, and Cornwall; Cornish romance writing; exploring personal Cornish histories; AI and Cornish identity.
  • The day will culminate in open mic-type sharing of written and visual work. There will be an exhibition of work which will be open to public for a week.