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How does being creative connect to mental health, making meaning, and being human? Is it rhyme, reason, both? Sometimes, poor mental health can block creativity and involve a loss of meaning. Lewis Capaldi has spoken about how his staggering success from his first album caused problems with writing his second. Some famous artists have produced their most famous work while in crisis, using creativity to make sense of what’s around them. More of us now appreciate that being creative can play a vital role in improving mental health. Equally, learning about the connections between creativity and mental health can help to better support good mental health.

This 2-hour interactive event will explore the links between mental health and making meaning through art, music, poetry, and conversation. Audiences will explore how creative therapies support people in making meaning. They will discuss, see, and hear examples, and reflect on the value Middle Street Resource Centre brings to its community.

This event is part of the University of Nottingham's festival Hub programme.