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Yummy! Yes, but…

Food is just one of three themes around diversity and inclusion at this storytelling event at Edinburgh's Fruitmarket. This event invites you to explore the amazing diversity of languages, cultures, and backgrounds in our multicultural society.

Join fellow curious minds, as skilled storytellers use their words and performances to transport you into the heart of research on inclusivity in society. But this event is not just about sitting back and listening – it’s a place for engaging in conversation about what we think we know about identities in our diverse world, such as the different ways people use language and how cultures mix and mingle in our ever-changing society. Come along to explore a new window into understanding diversity and inclusivity.

P.S. Don’t come alone – bring a friend!

This event is proudly led by the Race and Inclusivity in Global Education Network (RIGEN), Moray House School of Education and Sport, in collaboration with BeUnited and Fruitmarket.