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What stories can be found in photographs? 'Diasporic Snapshot' is an online discussion that will bring to life photographs paired with stories and voices of diaspora and the diasporic experience. Shaniece Martin, Midlands poet and spoken word performer will host this informal event inviting audience members to show their photos, speak up and encourage their voices and stories to be heard.

Bring along a photograph that represents diaspora to you, and if you choose to, you can tell a story about the photograph or simply share what the photograph means to them, and why they have chosen to share it at this event. Those who choose to participate will be a part of a wider story and discussion on diaspora and the stories that can be found in photographs. This event will be a safe space to share but also to create conversations that are taken beyond this event. Come along if you’re interested in sharing your story of diaspora through photographs!

This event is suitable for those who are aged 16 and upwards.