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What impact do the spaces we inhabit have on us and our wellbeing? How do these places make us feel and how can these feelings help influence the way buildings are designed and used in the future?

Experts in art and architecture at the University of Lincoln have designed unique 'Documentation Kits' to enable you to probe your physical surroundings through drawings, surface rubbings, words, poems and more. Create unique pieces of art to contribute to the 'Documenting the Domestic' exhibition and see what you and your fellow domestic dwellers feel about the spaces around you. Come along in-person to chat to your 'Domestic Documentation Guides' and create your own surface rubbing art to capture the spaces of the city centre. Or, why not join in from home by requesting a free activity box, fully kitted out with materials and instructions to guide you in exploring how your spaces at home, and how to send in your creations to contribute to our exhibition.

Image credit: Chris Lewis-Jones