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In this interactive workshop you will have the chance to investigate the past using archaeological artefacts from different time periods. Discover how death and funerals are treated across the world, and discuss how death is represented today including exploring the media treatment of celebrity deaths and the role of social media in remembrance.

Go on a journey through time and challenge what you think about death. Death is inevitable, yet it is a taboo subject. The past shows us there are many ways to deal with death - not always with sadness, but as a celebration of life. You will also be able to get creative in the death café by making your own death masks, designing a mini coffin, making ‘grave goods’ from clay and other activities.

Warnings will be given on any content that may trigger past experiences for the people attending. Professionals will be available for people to talk to if needed.

This session is aimed at those aged 14-20 years old. 

This event is part of the University of Bradford's BBC 100 Hub.