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Join this walking tour of Early Modern Latin in London – the City’s best-kept secrets hidden in plain sight. The City is full of Early Modern Latin (from the 16th-18th centuries): in large letters on public monuments, in poetry, and in other writing from the period which celebrates or commiserates life in historic London.

This tour will reveal a city full of Latin in the Early Modern period, and full of the life which interacted with these pieces of history. From the devastation caused by the Fire of London, to beheadings at the Tower of London, to business and trade, to worship in the hundreds of churches – Latin was used in a huge variety of ways, even though it was not the native language.

At the heart of the tour is Christopher Wren (2023 is the 300th anniversary of his death), who played a large part in (re)developing London after the Great Fire of London in 1666.