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Is hype about new menstrual technologies a form of utopian or dystopian storytelling? In this interactive workshop, participants will combine design thinking with speculative fiction to consider the growing world of ‘FemTech’. Join University of Edinburgh medical anthropologist Andrea Ford, whose research on menstrual health and culture will shape the event.

Through facilitated brainstorming and scene-setting, participants will produce multimedia storyboards that forecast futures. They will gain a keen sense of how technologies can be simultaneously good and bad, while learning about the growing interest in menstrual health and its potential implications. The event is suitable for people who menstruate, those interested in or sceptical about the digitisation of health, fans of speculative fiction, and those interested in design as a form of storytelling.

This event is part of the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society's Being Human Festival programme of events Bodies. Stories. Health.