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'Kara: Making an Artificial Friend'

This is an interactive theatre performance stemming from the 3-year "LivingBodiesObjects: Technology and the Spaces of Health" project funded by the Wellcome Trust. Led by Professor Stuart Murray from the University of Leeds, this event showcases an existing piece by Interplay Theatre created by Steve Byrne. The performance will explore the creation of a non-human friend with an interactive walkabout and talks, and aims to broaden perspectives on friendship, technology, and robots.

'Full of Life'

This performance will explore the use of sound and movement interaction technology for "In-The-Moment Theatrical Storytelling", utilising autobiographical materials and ensemble devising. The Performance Ensemble is an ensemble theatre company of older performers, making art with the experience of age. 

A Q&A will follow the performances.

This event is part of the 'Body Matters' series led by the University of Leeds.