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Have a go at making your own comic in this by-the-clock how-to-make comics workshop. Comics offer a fun and challenging medium for storytelling and public information. They can communicate complicated and emotive issues in many surprising ways. And they refuse to be bounded by the page. In particular, this workshop will demonstrate the power of the 'gutter space' for breaking the lines of linear narratives in comics. There will also be a focus on science fiction comic tropes, exploring time jumps, terraforming, and more.

'Galaxies from Gutters' will let you build your comic from initial ideas to fully realised product – all in under an hour! Using a factory-line model, experts at each station will work with smaller groups on different stages of comic production. There will also be flash-talks by comic experts and artists and the launch of the Pandemic Tales comic.

This workshop is designed to be fun for the whole family.

This event is part of the University of Dundee's Festival Hub.

Image: courtesy of Dundee Comics Creative Space.