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Experience Ganzflicker, a centuries-old psychedelic flickering light practice that creates visual illusions and altered states of consciousness, and has been used to reveal the hidden inner workings of the human imagination. Open your eyes to a showcase of historic Ganzflicker techniques and discover what artists and scientists have to say about the mind’s ability to shape the experience of reality. The exhibition will include interactive installations and activities aimed at all ages, including video projections, wearable “hypnobuckets”, an art and collage table where you can illustrate your personal Ganzflicker experiences, and a research station where you can take part in scientific studies.

Book free places for the opening event on Friday 11 November, a late event on Saturday 12 November, or have your Ganzflicker experience drawn by resident artist Kirsten Baron on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November.

Please note: The two flickering demonstrations will occur behind blackout curtains. Those with photosensitive epilepsy are advised not to view the flickering demonstrations