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What was the British Empire Exhibition of 1924? Who went? and what was exhibited? Join a one-off exhibition tour, souvenir show & tell and poetry workshop with Dr. Pen Woods and British Guyanese poet Carinya Sharples from 'Poetry Vs Colonialism' for Middlesex University at the Brent Museum to find out.

On the eve of the British Empire Exhibition's centenary this workshop engages with colonialism, memory and commemoration. The long history of British colonialism has shaped our day to day lives but our individual memories of 'empire', our souvenirs, vary depending on multiple things including age, heritage, education.

Poet Carinya Sharples shares Souvenir, commissioned especially for the workshop, and workshop participants are invited to bring a real 'souvenir' with them (or find a souvenir from the exhibition). Using individual memories and feelings brought to life by these objects we explore the multiple legacies of empire in discovery, discussion and a led poetry workshop.

This is an inclusive event and participants with no experience of creative writing are welcome, as are seasoned writers. All our lives have been informed by legacies of empire and everyone's experience of this is embraced. Participants are expected to be respectful and tolerant of the different views, feelings and souvenirs that participants bring. If you have specific access needs please don't hesitate to get in touch so the organisers can ensure your safe and welcome participation.

All participants will leave with:

  • a poem they have crafted
  • a signed copy of Sharples's new work
  • their hearts and minds expanded

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This is part of a series of events led by Middlesex University.