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Please note: this event is now taking place online.

Leading experts from several fields in the arts and sciences come together for this lively debate exploring just how realistic the science is in Robert Duncan Milne’s stories. A 'courtroom' setting with plenty of gavel-banging, this is a no-holds barred debate where the audience will be the ultimate judge and jury.

The event includes live studio-style demonstrations with interactive elements. The feedback from the evening will help form the ultimate anthology of Milne’s works, free copies of which will be later distributed to participants. 'Is It Plausible?' will also demonstrate the importance of speculative fiction in shaping human endeavour. A Victorian ahead of his time, the man from Fife has much to teach us. But… are his ideas plausible?

This event draws on and informs Ari Brin’s doctoral research into Milne’s works.