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The Lindisfarne Gospels incorporate some of the earliest known northern English. In this event, discover what the one thousand-year-old northern English of the Lindisfarne Gospels was like and examine how northern dialects of English were influenced by the Vikings. How much has English changed over the last millennium?

If you are interested in the English language and its history, see how much of the language of the Lindisfarne Gospels you can recognise in our language of the gospels quiz. Visitors will hear excerpts of the Gospels read aloud, as the monks of Lindisfarne would have heard them. Visitors will be invited to compare the northern English of the Lindisfarne gospels to southern English of the time, see how different and modern the language of the Lindisfarne Gospels really was and how it shaped the English of today.

This activity is taking place as part of the Museum Late at the Great North Museum: Hancock. The event is drop-in with no need to book in advance.

This event is part of Northumbria University's Festival Hub.