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New Perceptions of Familiar Places showcases a video and sound installation of walks in Salford and several other cities around the world. The installation will take place in Salford Museum, where visitors can engage with the videos and sound recordings and respond in creative ways. The event breaks through geographical and perceptual barriers that may prevent us from understanding and engaging with urban environments.

To view familiar places in new ways, this event will use La Dérive, a way of walking and seeing that was developed by the Situationists International, and Hildegarde Westerkamp’s soundwalking. La Dérive or 'drifting' deliberately avoids following prescribed or familiar pathways within cities. Soundwalking is group walking led in silence and to help participants pay attention to sounds in an environment.

The event will aim to enhance the attention of visitors to details within their environment by engaging all the senses and by raising awareness of familiar surroundings. Screenings will take place at 12.00, 13.00 and 14.00.