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Whether a beginner or a writer with experience, you’re invited to take part in a week-long series of creative writing activities that prepare you for a workshop taking place on 18 November (13:00-16:00), led by published, practising writers from Edge Hill University. This workshop will explore all the ‘otherness’ that’s part of the process of writing: where do our ideas, words, voices come from? In writing, what strangeness do we host? You’ll play with these ideas to spark your own, original writing and have the opportunity afterwards to develop your work for publication in a curated podcast.

The workshop on the 18 November will build on short writing activities you'll have prepared in response to a series of film screenings taking place at FACT as follows:

You’ll be guided through these writing activities before each screening, so will need to come along on these days at 18:00; tickets for these screenings will be reserved for you. 

Workshop places are available for up to 16 participants, on a first come, first served basis; after booking, please email by 9 November with your contact details. This event is suitable for ages 18+.

This series of activities is part of Edge Hill University's Festival Hub programme.