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Oxford Castle at 950 years: Different roads lead to the same castle. Come along to Oxford Castle to watch the stunning projection and join in with socially-distanced interactive games. Woven into the fabric of the city, the ancient patchwork walls of Oxford Castle sit in the centre of the city. For the last 950 years, the castle has been part of the human narrative – connecting with the local, national and international characters. Kings, princesses and prisoners have crossed the threshold here – as a castle it was built to keep people out. As a prison, it was rebuilt to keep people in – now, sound and projection artists have come together with local historians, researchers from the University of Oxford and people from across the city have come together to tell their story of the castle and the city, bringing their ideas and stories together to create this unique video projection piece. For the first time, town and gown come together to tell a shared and diverse history of inclusion and exclusion of Oxford’s Castle.