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Bring along your poetry to this workshop where you can illustrate, format, and print it on Riso printers at Rabbits Road Press. This is your opportunity to create a DIY publication from start to finish in a lively community hub. You can also make posters and zines based on conversations around the social power of publishing and dispersal for all.

You can attend 'Publishing is Power: Dispersal!' as a standalone activity or as part of the wider 'Publishing is Power' series.

This is the third in a series of three activities that celebrate the arts, activism and publishing in Tower Hamlets. 'Publishing is Power' offers opportunities for people to meet, share experiences, write creatively, and get involved in DIY publishing. It is a chance to reflect on the local histories of community-led politics and multilingual literary cultures, as well as explore what’s going on in the area today. Each activity in the series is open to those aged 18 or over who are interested in the local area and in breaking into poetry and publishing, with all and any kinds of experience.