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In this activity you are invited to rebuild a section of Hadrian’s Wall using LEGO. This is a family friendly activity (suitable for ages 3+), taking place amidst the Great North Museum: Hancock’s Roman collection of international significance. Here, you can take inspiration from carved and inscribed stones from Hadrian’s Wall and its forts, including altars, building inscriptions, tombstones, relief sculptures, as well as pottery, jewellery, armour, and weapons.

You will be provided with expert guidance from Dr Sean McCusker and professional LEGO builder Steve Mayes (Brick This), who specialises in realistic recreations of North East buildings, sites and objects. Learn about the basic engineering principles of Hadrian’s Wall, and bring your own imagination and creativity. Building tables will be set up alongside the museum’s scale model of Hadrian’s Wall, so you can contribute to a shared model and see how your creation compares with the real thing.

This is event is drop-in and you do not need to book to come along.

In the event of Covid restrictions, digital build instructions will be provided via Northumbria’s dedicated web page, so you can follow along from home. 

This activity is taking place as part of the Museum Late at the Great North Museum: Hancock.

This event is part of Northumbria University's Festival Hub.