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Join Dr Diletta De Cristofaro and artist Chiara Dellerba for an art workshop and guided tour of the online exhibition “Reimagining Sleep”. You’ll have the chance to contribute to it!

Playing with materials and content from the exhibition, the group will discuss the artistic strategies behind it and sleep research. You'll then explore how our bodies and minds react to sounds and, through creative writing and mark-making activities, you'll develop together visual responses to meditative soundscapes. If you'd like, your response will then be uploaded to the exhibition, enriching its collaborative nature and the plurality of voices represented.

This event is part of the Reimagining Sleep project, run in partnership with The Sleep Charity. The project aims at facilitating knowledge-sharing around sleep and sleep issues, and at fostering well-being through creative expression. Come along if you'd like to find out more about sleep and experiment with your creativity!

Image credit: Chiara Dellerba