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The Story Recycling Bank is a unique writing project inviting writers to recycle and renew their material. Got a half-finished poem, or perhaps an abandoned short story? Don't throw them away - recycle them and pass them on to another writer to use.

Like all the great storytellers before you, writers are perpetual recyclers of stories, drawing from all sorts of sources, texts, and materials that have existed over the centuries, reconfiguring their origins and reimagining them. Writers will even recycle old material of their own, rewriting it, revising it, and all with a renewed perspective. With this in mind, we want your trash. Those words you think are rubbish, stories and poems you’ve got in a word tangle with. Don't throw them away, recycle them! Post them to the 'Story Recycling Bank' for another writer to use.

How to take part:

Here’s the deal: when you dispose of your words, you will remove all claim to them. They will now become a creative prompt to light the creative flame for another writer. You must dispose of a story/ poem to receive one then it’s up to you how you use it!

  1. Email your disposed work and words to Include 'DISPOSED WORK' in the subject line. Make sure your name is not visible on any of this work and include the line in your email: I waiver all claim to this material to be used by another author for the purpose of the Story Recycling Project as part of Wolverhampton University’s Being Human Festival 2021.'
  2. Receive another writer’s disposed work within 24 hours from The Story Recycling Bank team.
  3. When you've finished, email your recycled work back with a brief description of your experience to Include 'RECYCLED WORK' in the subject line and please also include your name and your preferred contact details.

The Story Recycling Bank will be launched online on 11 November 2021 with a live event from the project team. An in person panel-style event will take place at the Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton on 20 November, reflecting on the work that has been 'recycled' so far.