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In 1983, Swansea's South Wales Miners' Library produced a documentary film featuring community members from the Dulais Valley. In Waste of Our Time: Pictures of a Changing Valley, local residents discussed the villages of Banwen, Onllwyn and Seven Sisters and the effects coal mining had had on the landscape, people and wildlife. But how has life and landscape in the Dulais Valley changed since 1983?

In the months leading up to Being Human 2021, local residents and school children will work together to create a new documentary to be premiered during the festival. Using the original documentary as a starting point and through a range of interactive artistic workshops, they will consider the changes to landscape, wildlife and community life since 1983 and the social and environmental legacy of fossil fuels.

Waste of Our Time: Renewing Pictures of a Changing Valley will be screened for the very first time at Onllwyn Welfare Hall, followed by a Q&A session with some of our documentary filmmakers.

Families and children aged 8+ are all welcome.

Image: courtesy of DOVE workshop