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Use a period tracking app? Interested in how technology might hinder or help our health? 'Who Wants to Be a Data Sharer' will adopt the popular game-show format of ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’, with the content of the quiz focussing on period tracking apps and data sharing issues. Participants will be able to play and/or watch other people play the game and researchers will offer insights into some of the issues which arise.

The event will explore Andrea Ford's research around women's experiences of using period tracking apps, and Giulia De Togni's research around technology's relationship with healthcare and other research about feminism, technology and health.

Participants will have the chance to share their experiences of using period tracking apps, if they do so. They will also learn about how technologies like these are changing the healthcare environment and will be given resources to play the game again with their families, colleagues and networks.

Image by Dr. Giulia de Togni