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Discover FLYTING, the playful, poetic tradition of creative insults! This family-friendly event explores flyting, an Older Scots tradition brimming with potential for self-expression. The event begins with a short performance by actors, illustrating how makars (Scottish poets) crafted and exchanged insults for public entertainment 400 years ago. Create your own insults or compliments (how about a sleekit, slymy snake or a courteous cuddy?) in small-group workshops. Experiment with sound, making up words and playing with alliteration to create your very own hilarious taunts, Older Scots-style. The actors will give a special, final performance showcasing each group’s best flytings and flattering.

Afterwards, there will be juice and biscuits available, alongside creation stations, where you can decorate a crown or bunnet to take home, and design and colour your own family crest. Ishbel McFarlane - performer, writer, and champion of Scots in the arts - will join and you’ll get a sneak peek at some of the Mitchell Library’s centuries-old Scots manuscripts too!