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After the war, Tyneside was a tough place to grow up, but among the bombsites and blackened buildings, the children experienced a freedom that is almost unimaginable today. 'From You to Me' shares stories of post-war Tyneside from those who were there; the street games, dance halls, and Christmas stockings, but also the hunger and harsh discipline. This verbatim show, where the actors speak the real words of the characters, provides a platform for voices often marginalised, and illustrates the richness of traditional Tyneside English. It presents the characters’ views on modern society and its values, offers valuable insights into the relationships between generations today, and shows that the Tyneside dialect is as diverse as its people.

‘From You to Me’ by Steve Gilroy, is a collaborative project between Newcastle and Northumbria University. Based on research that explores language variation among people from Tyneside aged 70+, 'From You to Me' uses the verbatim theatre’s ‘Recorded Delivery’ method to illustrate and celebrate this variation.

We recommend booking a free ticket in advance, but there will also be a few spaces available on the day on a first come first serve basis. This activity is taking place as part of the Museum Late at the Great North Museum: Hancock.

This event is part of Northumbria University's Festival Hub.