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Festival hubs 2019

Announcing the Being Human festival 2019 hubs!

Each year Being Human has a number of festival hubs located across the UK. Led by universities, these hubs create pockets of regional activity and bring festival spirit far and wide across the country. These universities programme series of activities that respond to the festival theme in imaginative and exciting ways. This year we have made five hub awards and below we reveal a taster of what each of them will be doing during the festival.

University of Dundee – The Aquatic City

The Tay is a dark and eerie river with an ignoble history of bridge disasters, whaling, pirating, shipwrecks, and more. But its biggest surprise has yet to reach the surface: an ancient civilisation has thrived beneath the water this whole time – a Scottish Atlantis. What do they make of our treatment of our shared environments? What can we learn from the mysterious people beneath the water? And why does their goddess, Tatha, look so familiar?

University of Lincoln – Moving Stories: Discovering Lives Lived Differently

Moving Stories will reveal the different ways in which human lives can be lived as researchers in art, music, literature, film, history, archaeology, theatre and digital technology and will explore stories of migration, inspiration, resilience and imagination. You'll be able to discover life in a Victorian asylum, a Roman villa, or a migrant detention centre; and find out how art, literature and music can help people enrich and transform their lives; learn the secrets of performing ghost stories, composing harp music or programming robot tour guides.

University of Sheffield – Myth, Dream, Love

Discover the mythological, allegorical journeys depicted in stunning murals at Bolsover Castle and the magical and dreamlike secrets of the ‘Hypnerotomachia Poliphili’, the Italian Renaissance book published 1499. Myths, dreams and love come to life in immersive events of projections, theatre, food and music. A concert, talks and presentations will bring the discoveries of new research up to date, with contributions from folk singer and inspirational academic Dr Fay Hield, and Sheffield's very own poet laureate, Otis Mensah.

Swansea University – Rediscovering Swansea: from Land to Sea

Join Swansea researchers for an adventure across land and sea! Get set to uncover fascinating facts and sinister secrets about life on board the Mary Rose, including pirates of the Mediterranean, staging your own Tudor play and racing Tudor-themed self-propelled motor boats! Plus discover stories of the buried past, Mummification, Sherlock Holmes and a simulated panic room, kings and spies as never seen/heard before!

Queen Mary University of London and King’s College London – This Time It’s Personal

Language, stories, art and home. Which of these make you unique? Do you share them with the world or keep them hidden? Queen Mary University of London and King’s College London’s Arts and Humanities Research Institute have joined forces to uncover the personal side of the issues shaping our world today. Through workshops, exhibitions, performances and interactive events we will discover the research that enables us to understand both ourselves and those across the world we have never met.