Organiser area

This page is a one-stop-shop for Being Human Festival event organisers. Here you’ll find resources to help you promote, plan and evaluate your festival activities. We'll add more as we move through the festival year - watch this space!


Helpful documents

Festival Terms and Conditions PDF 428.47 KB
Festival Good Practice Agreement PDF 221.47 KB
Festival Timeline (Updated) PDF 359.21 KB
Festival Timeline (Being Human Café Organisers) PDF 287.28 KB
'Welcome to the festival' guide PDF 1.28 MB
Being Human Festival 2023 - Code of Conduct PDF 600.44 KB
Photography and filming notice PDF 191.72 KB
Introducing your Being Human Festival event - 2023_0 PDF 149.25 KB

Evaluating your activity

Please be aware that evaluation is an important part of participating in the festival and helps us to learn more about our audiences, improve our work and secure vital funding to ensure events remain free and the festival continues! If you have received funding from us, taking part in the evaluation is a condition of your funding. Each year, the festival is evaluated by an independent, external evaluator. Please find this year's evaluation materials below.

Attendee survey

To be circulated to all event attendees at, or immediately after, a festival event. You can either print out the paper copies and hand out at your events, or you can circulate the online survey link. Deadline: Monday 18 December

Organiser survey

To be completed by festival event organisers and Hub coordinators after the festival. Deadline: Monday 18 December

Stakeholder survey

To be completed by festival event stakeholders (anyone else involved with your event e.g. speakers, panellists, performers, community, cultural and heritage partners etc.) after the festival. Deadline: Monday 18 December